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Many, many people struggle to save money. Sometimes that's because of a lack of commitment to saving. Sometimes it's because overspending is easy. But sometimes it's just due to the lack of a good, functional system that promotes saving. This week's "Be Well" breaks down a very, very effective way to save that also can really help someone stay within their budget, control their spending, and meet their financial needs and goals.


Bonus: Special Financial Literacy Month Series - The Four Pillars of Financial Health


The final post on our special series, The Four Pillars of Financial Health is here. The final pillar is all about Saving. Being able to save is one of the most critical skills of financial management mastery. Why save?  Read and find out here.



Our blog, "Be Well" is run by our Financial Wellness Advocate, Dan Szymczak. If you think you may need help with your personal finances, don't hesitate to email Dan or call him at 218-279-3200 ext. 254. For more information on the Financial Wellness Advocate position, click here.



Join us for Youth Week!


April 20th-26th is National Credit Union Youth Week! Please join us for lobby days (Monday April 21st-Fri April 25th) with informational material for parents and goodies for kids. 


Dan Szymczak, Financial Wellness Advocate, gave a free seminar on Wednesday evening, April 23rd at our Arrowhead branch. The title of the seminar was "Talking to Your Kids about Personal Finance." Parents recieved wonderful information on how to start a conversation with their children on building healthy financial habits. The interactive discussion was a success for those who attended and kids got to take home fantastic coin banks and other Credit Union goodies. You can find a summary of Dan's discussion here. Please look for more informational seminars and events with NCCYou!




NCCYou Not Affected By Open SSL Heartbleed Bug


On April 7, 2014, researchers disclosed a potential exploit based on a flaw contained in versions of OpenSSL. The vulnerability, referred to as “OpenSSL Heartbleed Flaw,” if exploited, could allow an unauthorized user to access secured servers.

In response to the vulnerability:


We have analyzed all use of OpenSSL, and validated that only one instance carried a potential vulnerability. That vulnerability was patched immediately and we do not have any additional vulnerabilities from this threat.


We have no evidence that any of our systems have been improperly accessed due to this vulnerability and our member’s data has never been at risk.


Secured websites are those that use the https prefix and some experts believe as many as 66% of these sites, which range from shopping to email sites, use OpenSSL and are potentially vulnerable. Because of this NCCU will be requiring all home banking users to change their password the next time they log on to the system. While NCCU has not been compromised this measure is being taken as a further safeguard for the membership. As a further safeguard NCCU recommends that members change their passwords for any other web based applications as well.   



Spring Recreational Vehicle Special


Long winter blues got you down? Think ahead to spring and check out our current special on recreational vehicle loans! Get rates as low as 3.20% with extra discounts available. Save on Jet Skis, boats, ATVs, and more! See us for more savings and details! Call us at 218-279-3200 today!




Leased Land Mortgages


St. Louis County is offering land for sale on a number of area lakes that it had previously leased to homeowners and property owners.  If you  own a home on this type of land, would like to build on this type of land, or would like to refinance existing property and buy County leased land, NCCYou can help!  We now offer a variety of mortgages on St. Louis County leased land, as well as bare land loans.  Call Koby Myer at 218-279-3200 ext. 237 for more information or to set up an appointment today!



We're on Facebook!


Northern Communities Credit Union is now on Facebook and Twitter!  You'll find links to both our new sites at the top left of our page.  Our Facebook page will highlight the new Financial Wellness blog of our Financial Wellness Advocate, Dan Szymczak.  "Like" us on Facebook for the latest and best information on personal finance, and follow us on Twitter for the latest news from your credit union!



Serve on Our Supervisory Committee


We currently have an opening on our Supervisory Committee! If you are interested in serving or would like to know more about the position, please call us at 218-279-3200. To view our current Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee, click here.

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